The HPC RIVR centre software is designed entirely on open source solutions that are widely supported and used in large supercomputing centres around the world. However, some applications require licensed software, especially targeted compilers or optimised system libraries that contribute to more effective implementation of applications in HPC.

Open source systemsoftware

Based on Linux CentOS
Process automation: Foreman, Puppet, Ansible
Storing, accessing, transferring and processing data: CephFS, Ceph RDB, ObjectStore (Webdav, XrootD, gsiftp), dCache, Rucio, iRODSDatabases InfluxDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
Containers –application support
Web servers Apache, Nginx, data display Grafana, Kibana
Control, metrics ElasticSearch, Syslog, Icinga, Nagios, IPMI, Prometheus
The queuing system SLURM, system for remote task execution ARC
Data backup AMANDA
Central services ldap, kerberos, DNS, NTP, SQUID, CVMFS

Licensed software

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux
MathWorks MATLAB + SimuLink Distributed Computing Server
MathWorks MATLAB + SimuLink Individual Research Licence (Academic) with Standard Toolbox

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