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HPC MAISTER is part of the national supercomputing centre. According to the principle of open access to public research infrastructure, it is available to all researchers employed in public research organisations. Throughout the duration of the HPC RIVR project (until 31 March 2021), using the supercomputing system is free of charge for researchers employed in public research organisations. For researchers employed in private companies, the HPC Maister system is available to a limited extent by paying the market usage price.

When submitting applications for national, European and other international projects, you can refer to the HPC MAISTER system as your own available equipment. For this purpose you can use the following statement in whole or in part:

The national supercomputing system HPC MAISTER with a total capacity of 244 TFLOPS and the following configuration:

  • Two compute partitions:
    • General partition with AMD processors with a total of 4,256 computing cores / 9728 threads, composed of 76 compute nodes, each with 2x AMD EPYC 32C/64T 7501 processors (in total 64 cores @2,0GHz), 512 GB DDR4 RAM (8 GB per core), 2x 960GB SATA SSD
    • Vector partition with Intel SKL processors and NVIDIA GPU accelerators with a total of 72 SKL + 122.880 GPU cores composed of 6 compute nodes, each with 2x Intel Gold SKL-SP 6128 6C/12T processors (in total 12 cores @3,4GHz), 256 GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 480GB SATA SSD, 4x NVIDIA TESLA V100 32G PCI-E x16 (5,120 cores per GPU)
  • Fast disk array 138 TB SSD (CEPH with POSIX interfaces, network drive, S3)
  • Permanent data field 2 PB HDD (CEPH with POSIX interfaces, network drive, S3)
  • Connection to the Ethernet and Infiniband HDR 2x 100 Gb/s network with low latency

HPC Maister purchase value: 2,584,267.76 EUR

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