Fields of use

The HPC RIVR project will especially support new research fields and the development of new services in fields having a significant impact on global trends in supercomputing.

Retention of researchdata

Establishing effective hardware and service infrastructure for open research data (with own original solutions regarding research data access).

Hybrid infrastructure

HPC RIVR includes the establishment of a support centre for hybrid infrastructure, where it is possible to install and integrate software into businessoperations in the form of virtualized containers or environmentally independent packages, enabling the integration of systems with other forms and technologies, such as on-demand services and cloud infrastructures, e.g. Slovenian development cloud, infrastructure systems, such as Kubernetes, as well as the use of these systems in domestic environment by individual researchers, institutions and companies.

Integration for highthroughput computing

Integration with systems for high throughput computing (HTC) and with local repositories, which will enable research, development and usage in fast-growing technological areas, requiring the combination of supercomputing, big data, dispersed network computing as well as open scientific repositories.

Life sciences

Supporting state-of-the-art methods in life sciences and genomics with adequate support for protection and permanent storage of data in the context of medical research and diagnostics is crucial for supporting a very successful activity in Slovenia in the field of modelling cellular processes, such as ageing, degenerative diseases, e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, metastatic processes of cancer formations with early phases of medication development and development of targeted therapy in personalized medicine; the same methods will also strongly promote existent research in zoology, ecology, medical images processing, development of new diagnostic methods in medicine, etc.

Artificial intelligence

Development and research in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence of language technologies, image recognition, deep learning, advanced machine modelling and analysis as well as big data mining.

Information security

In the field of data protection, secure transaction systems and blockchains, low latency communication in the context of stock market operation and market modelling, financial analyses and modelling as well as systems for anonymisation and encrypted secure data retention, the infrastructure will enable experimental placings, use of a broadbandconnection and close cooperation between research organisations and the industry in shared use of a state of the art environment that will resemble the architecture of the envisaged solutions in the next generation of large European supercomputers that address this issues as well.

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